Welcome to the Fox Shop! ❤


Frequently asked questions:

Shipping? How long?!

        Generally, it takes 3-5 business days for your order to arrive post-processing but please note that although rare, certain factors such as distance, weather, and unforeseen circumstances can delay your order's shipping time! Additionally, after the order has been made you will receive a confirmation email letting you know that your order is ready for fulfillment. Then, before it sets off on its mailing route you will be notified once again. 

 Return Policy?

       Due to the size of our business, we are unable to fulfill any returns as all sales are final. However, if you do have any questions or concerns about your product that you believe we can assist you with, please don't hesitate to contact us through the website's contact form. We are more than willing to assist you! Thank you for supporting our small business, we truly appreciate you!

 My stuff came broken! What now?

       AH! We are so sorry to hear that. As a collector myself I feel so disheartened when situations like these occur. We love to show appreciation to our supporters as we treat all situations on a per-case basis. Please reach out to our website's contact form and we will try to work things out together. Please keep in mind we are still quite small so we may require pictures of the damage.
We truly appreciate your support and understanding!! <3

About the Artist?

         Hello! My name is Sadi, although most of you know me as Vyxen.art or Vyxen. I am a self-taught artist who has always had a dream of creating a little community for others to gather in and share their art interests. I have a passion for creating and a major love of people. It would make me so happy if you would be a part of this little garden community as we grow it together into a giant forest!